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SN Placement Size Rate Per Month (Rs.) Remarks
1 Top Row Near Heading 600×91 Px 50,000 Can be divided into 2 part, @Rs.20,000(width 300 px)fixed
2 Sidebar Top 300x100px 20,000 Width fix 300 px
3 Home page below Image Slider 600x100px 30,000 fixed
4 Right site 300x100px 20,000 fixed
5 Home Page Below &Business 600×100 px 25000 fixed
6 Below Right site 300×100 px 15,000 Width fixed 300px
7 Right site below (last) 300×100 px 10,000 Width fixed 300px
8 Inner Page (News Page)­­­­ 600px100 px 20,000 Fixed



  • Mode of payment for banner placement is in advance.
  • Banner format for all images is jpg or gif only.

(समाचार र विज्ञापनको लागि)paudelnilkantha@gmail.com (लेख, रचना र सुझावको लागि)

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